Freedomsoft Scam or Just Pure Greed?

The creators and sellers of the Freedomsoft program apparently can’t make enough money the honest straight forward way. The makers of the semi-popular real estate investor software will double dip your wallet at a moment’s notice. As a Freedomsoft user I found out the hard way that they rule with an iron fist. You pay … Continued

How To Spot ‘We Buy Houses Scams’ and How To Avoid Them

If you are Selling Dallas Real Estate and are searching Google for home buying companies in your local area check out the company by searching "Opendoor Scam" or "Progressive Real Estate Solutions Scam' and see what other home sellers have to say about their experience with these companies.

iBuyer Warning! Zillow Announces New Partnership With Opendoor Amidst $62 Million Dollar FTC Fine For Scamming Consumers!

Zillow recently announced that they are forming a multi-year partnership with Opendoor that will enable home sellers on the Zillow platform to seamlessly request an Opendoor offer to sell their home. The Partnership will bring together the companies’ market-leading audience and e-commerce platform but at what cost to consumers? In a 2020 SEC filing, the … Continued

What To Know About Sub-Dividing Land

Another benefit of subdividing land is retaining a portion of it for your use and selling the rest for a profit. Read on to discover what investors should know about sub-dividing land.
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Maintaining Good Credit

Being late on and of your payments is the number one contributor to the road of poor credit. Pay everything on time even if you are just paying the minimum balance. If it’s on time it won't hurt you. Credit collections have a major impact on your score, so be sure to avoid those altogether by paying all your bills on time.