HELP Me Bring My 3 Baby Girls Back HOME to TEXAS!

When I see my Children at the end of April this will be only the 4th time I have seen them in an Entire Year!

Thank you for your generous donations and for all of you that have reached out to me but weren’t able to donate. Your words of encouragement and your prayers mean just as much to me. A number of people have reached out to me to make sure that this wasn’t a scam or fake GoFundMe page. The best way to check is to check for yourself. Just click on “Search” and it is an easy search to find my divorce/child custody case – it is all public record. Your contribution, financial or otherwise, is a contribution for justice and families everywhere.

Who this will help

I am the very proud Father of an 11 year old and two 8 year old Daughters. The funds are to go towards our attorney’s retainer deposit. Please HELP Me Bring My Three Baby Girls Back HOME to TEXAS!!


Rachel Ridge - Worst Mother

Why I’m fundraising

Several months ago, out of the blue, my wife said she wanted a divorce. She took my three baby girls and ran off more than 1,500 miles away to live with her sister. The way I read the Texas Family Court Statute is that unless there is mutual agreement or family violence the Children are to remain in Denton County or a County adjacent to Denton County. I don’t know what map the court was looking at but Denton County or Counties adjacent to it are not 1,500 miles away!

When I see my Children at the end of April this will be only the 4th time I have seen them in an Entire Year! There has been as much as four months between visits with my children. No parent should ever have to guess how tall their children have gotten since they have last seen them – it’s just cruel.

Fathers Custody - Denton County

*The only reason I have ever been given for the divorce, for losing my children, having my life destroyed and for my soul being crushed is the X doesn’t like living in Texas. These young girls should not be forced to grow up without a Father. A judge should not consider a selfish request of any parent but should do what is best for the Children – Period!

The Only way I can get around the court’s ruling is to request a Jury Trial – a Jury of my fine Texan Peers. Granted, the law firm that I am hiring is on the expensive side of the spectrum but they are the best at what they do and the future of my family’s existence is literally at stake. The jury trial from start to finish is estimated to be about $30k. Right now I only (only) have to raise $10k for the retainer deposit and this will get me going. Time is of the essence because this whole process needs to be finished before school time in the summer. Please help as much as you can as soon as you can. I can never thank you enough for your consideration.

The impact of your support

Best Case: The Texas Jury grants me full custody of my Baby Girls, they move back into the only home they have ever known, back to the schools, teachers and friends that they know and back into their extracurricular activities. I will be back to the doting, loving daddy doing everything I can for them and shedding as much love on them as they can handle.

Worst Case: I get 50/50 custody with my x and the Children live with my x but the Jury makes the Children move back to Texas, Denton County. This way we can at least follow a normal custody schedule so I can be in my Children’s lives as much as possible as much as the law allows.

Final Case. This Jury, at minimum, will undo the unconscionable act of having my Family ripped apart and separated by 1,500 miles. These innocent children did nothing wrong – they didn’t deserve to lose their daddy…

Ridge Family Custody Case

Fathers Rights – Child Custody – Denton County, Texas

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Family Support in the Time of Family Crisis

Never trust a woman who has broken up her family for personal happiness.  

She is loyal to no one.

Not you, not God, Not even her own blood children.

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