Daddy’s Daughters “TAKEN” – Judge Say’s Dad Doesn’t Have Enough Money To Keep His Children!

Denton County – Texas: In June, 2023 a Denton County Family Court Judge, of the District Court, hearing a divorce and child custody case issues an order allowing the mother of three young girls, ages 7, 7 and 11, to permanently move the children 1,500 miles away from their father and the only home they have even known. The only reason given for this was “I don’t like living in Texas.” This order violates the spirit of the Texas Family Law Guideline that is in place to protect families and parents from this exact type of injustice. 

Dads Rights                    “Father’s Child Custody Rights”                    

The guidline states “The Children must reside in Denton County or in a County contiguous to Denton County.” Maryland is Not adjacent to Denton County, it is half the country away. The only exceptions to this statute are “upon mutual agreement or in the case of family violence” neither are applicable here.

Rachel Ridge - Terrible Mother The father is destitute, depressed and heartbroken. When he sees his Children in April it will only be the 4th time in an ENTIRE Year that he has seen them! He doesn’t know where to turn. His attorney hasn’t been able to help him reunite with his Children. The father tells me “My family is completely destroyed – my life is over. My baby girls were my whole life, my everything, the reason I got out of bed in the morning.” He asks me; “How can something so cruel and abusive happen to a parent, especially in the United States of America. I had my children taken from me because I got tight on money. The judge penalized me because I “might not” be making enough money in the future to take care of my children. What a travesty of injustice and all things Holly. There are a lot of parents in this county with financial challenges that don’t have their children ripped away from them. My relationship with them is nonexistent – I don’t even know how tall they are now. Is this America or a communist or dictatorship nation where the government can take your children from you for no reason at will“.

Now these three young girls will grow up without a father. Statistically, girls that grow up in fatherless homes will do poorly in school, have behavioral problems and be promiscuous and have troubles for the rest of their lives. What a cruel, heartless, selfish thing to happen to a father and his Daughters that they would be ripped apart from each other and have their lives turned upside down by the very court that is supposed to protect them.  

The Texas and Denton County Family Code is entirely structured to:


  • The Children were taken 1,500 miles from their Father:  FAIL
  • Judge orders this saying the father doesn’t make enough money to support children. Same Judge then orders father to pay airfare both ways for all 3 children @ $2k per trip on top of child support in able for him to see them: FAIL
  • The Children will grow up without a Father: FAIL
  • The Children were removed from the only home they have ever known: FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from the only school and only teachers they have ever known: FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from all of their extracurricular activities:  FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from their Church and Sunday School: FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from their lifelong pediatrician, dentist, etc: FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from all their friends and their pet doggy: FAIL
  • The Children were taken away from EVERYTHING they have ever known. FAIL


If the court simply followed the guideline of the Children shall remain (live in) Denton County or a County continuous to Denton County the Children would still have everything above and both a mother and a father to love and raise them. I’m just asking that the test of reasonableness be applied here. Am I asking too much…

Ridge Family Custody CaseIs anybody listening?

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Never trust a woman who has broken up her family for personal happiness.  

She is loyal to no one.

Not you, not God, Not even her own blood children.

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