Freedomsoft Scam or Just Pure Greed?

The creators and sellers of the Freedomsoft program apparently can’t make enough money the honest straight forward way. The makers of the semi-popular real estate investor software will double dip your wallet at a moment’s notice. As a Freedomsoft user I found out the hard way that they rule with an iron fist. You pay our fees twice for the same program or no Freedomsoft for you!

I paid good money for Joe McCall’s Land Program, an excellent program by the way, and with that purchase I got access to Joe McCall’s Freedomsoft coaching program. It is basically a regular Freedomsoft account with all of Joe’s cool tools and templates which I need to utilize his program effectively. Okay, so far I am a happy camper.

After I got my Land Business up and running I wanted to expand my real estate investment business a bit so I invested more good money into a delinquent property tax program, the Property Tax Blueprint, another excellent program and completely unrelated to Joe’s land program. With payment of the Property Tax Blue Print program I got, you got it, a Freedomsoft coaching program. Like with Joe’s program it is a basic Freedomsoft program with a bunch of cool tools and templates I need to run my new delinquent property tax program.

Do you see the problem?  I don’t either because there isn’t one, oh wait a minute, Freedomsoft greed glands are swelling up and their pantyhose are starting to pucker. The Property Tax Blue Print folks emailed me and said we have a problem. They said that Freedomsoft only allows one coaching account per Freedomsoft program because it “protects the coaches”. Really? Joe has all my money and I’m not going anywhere and Property Tax Blueprint has all my money and I’m’ not going anywhere. How is either one of them possibly at risk? The answer is, they’re not!

No worries though, Freedomsoft has a solution for all of us. Pay for two of the same programs and do double the work! As great of an option as that is I prefer that the Freedomsoft folks don’t reach into my wallet and steal the money I works so hard to earn for me and my family. They can call it what they want but that’s exactly what they are doing.

Like my late Father always use to tell me; be sure to apply the test of reasonableness to everything. Apparently, this is a foreign concept to the folks at Freedomsoft. Their bonehead decision to double dip hardworking investors is already blowing up in their faces – just check the social media boards. For me, I have no power except to take my business to a more reputable company.  And there’s me badmouthing Freedomsoft for the rest of my career letting real estate investors everywhere know of my experience with their company and warn them. Yeah, there’s that…  

Investor Carrot

Quest Land Company

Freedomsoft Scam or Just Pure Greed?

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